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Nutritional Strategies for Enhanced Healing

Unfortunately, minor injuries are par for the course in sport and exercise. In my experience, the most common cause of sports-related injuries are running, football (soccer to our American friends) and poor lifting technique, as opposed to “high-risk” activities such as CrossFit or combat sports. Over half of all sports-related injuries are severe enough that […]


Carborexia Nervosa

“An irrational fear of carbohydrate” spread by tabloid journalists and ill-informed personal trainers. From a sport nutrition or strength and conditioning perspective, carbohydrate restriction would cost trophies. A low carbohydrate diet would likely have a negative impact on your physique and wellbeing too. Hopefully I don’t need to point out that I’m not talking about […]


Working With FB Custom And Lookalike Audiences

Have you gotten the hang of Facebook Advertising yet? The past few articles have dropped the topic of Custom Audience one way or another. You should have started building your own by now. This guide cannot overemphasise the importance of this element. Accurate and efficient, it will help you serve the right ads to the […]


Making Weight Loss Happen

BY DR JANE OGDEN, PROFESSOR IN HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY Failed dieting is a product of what’s in our heads and triggers in the environment. Successful dieting seems to be the result of life events, a belief that things can change, a shift in the costs / benefits of eating well, investment in initial weight loss, a […]

Why Losing Weight is Hard

BY DR JANE OGDEN, PROFESSOR IN HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY Being overweight is clearly bad for our physical and mental health. Yet losing weight is hard and the majority of people who lose weight put it back on. This paper will describe the benefits of weight loss, why diets fails and then will explore the lessons to […]


Science to Practice – Towards an Epistemology of Expert Practice in Performance Nutrition

International society of sports nutrition position stand: diets and body composition


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