James Smith

Philova ACA je spremenila način, kako vidim svoj posel.

Z vsakim dnem postajam boljši pri tem, kar počnem in Philova izkušnja je ekvivalentna mojemu sedanjemu uspehu. Pravzaprav sem Philu poslal sporočilo, v katerem sem mu povedal, da če bi za ACA računal 10x toliko, kot sedaj, bi mu takoj plačal.

Kmalu zatem sem ga prosil, naj tega ne stori, in vesel sem, da ni!

Če si resnično želite postati uspešen osebni trener, je ACA prava izbira.

Matt Cooney

McFuture Fitness

Imam dve diplomi in v preteklih letih sem opravil kar nekaj tečajev in mirno lahko rečem, da je bila to najboljša investicija, ki sem jo kadarkoli naredil. Ustvarili ste nekaj zelo posebnega.

Niall Hollywood

Hollywood Fitness

Kakor hitro sem videl podrobnosti ACA, sem vedel, da moram vstopiti. To je bila zame ponudba brez primerjave. Cena po mojem mnenju ne opraviči vsebine. Modul poslovne strategije mi je spremenil..

As soon as I saw the details of the ACA, I knew I had to get on it. It was a The
business Acumen module has been the real game changer for me. I realise
now that my business was being operated more as a hobby but now I am in
full control and know exactly who I am talking to. The ACA has been the
single best investment that I have made in myself as a Trainer and for
Hollywood Fitness.

PS The course had paid for itself within the first 5 weeks.

Fabio Bonnano

Fabio Bonnano Coaching

Vsebina je izjemna in usmerjena na “resničen svet” brez pretiranega analiziranja majhnih stvari, ki niso pomembne. Vse je podprto z raziskavami, vendar laično v smislu kako absorbirati informacijo.

Phil Learney ima način, kako komplicirane informacije razložiti na način, da se je enostavno naučiti. Zelo priporočam vsem, ki jih to zanima.

Darren Brook

Darren Brook Personal Training

Started this a couple of weeks back and the content is spot on! Look forward to
new things every week with mini quizzes to check I’m taking it all in. Amazing
value from a genuinely great bloke that is obviously in love with the fitness

Claire O’Meara

The Lifestyle Studio

Wow I am absolutely blown away by the content that Phil has produced for the
ACA and the price blows my mind… I have paid £1000’s for business coaches
that have over promised and under delivered and then I started really delving
into the performance education blogs and I was sold what did I have to lose?
The ACA is a whole package, Business, Nutrition, Human behaviour, Training
and more plus the add on’s you can do.. It is a portfolio packed with a wealth of
knowledge for us to use and take to put into action to apply with our clients and
within our businesses..
If you are looking for a course that delivers and gives you so much bang for your
buck plus proper scientific evidence and some pretty damn good common sense
style business training not any of your BS 6 figures in 6 weeks that everyone
keeps harping on about with no grunt and substance to it – then this is the
course that covers everything – it does what it says on the tin no fluff just straight
forward learning from a top coach who wants to see you succeed but only if you
are willing to put in the work!!

Thank You for setting up ACA

Ringo Orr

Ringo Orr

The Exercise and Nutrition modules are everything I expected and more,
combining evidence based theory with years of practical experience in an easy
to understand way. What surprised me the most about the ACA was the
Business Acumen content. I have become completely engrossed in it, to the
point that I have decided to start my own fitness apparel brand using the
teachings and methods in the course. I believe the business skills learned here
are transferable to anything, even though they are tailored beautifully to fitness
industry professionals.

I have and would again recommend the ACA to anyone who has any interest in
training, nutrition and business in general for the main reason that Phil and his
team genuinely care about improving their industry by providing an endless
supply of knowledge/content/education to the course participants.

My experience has been, at my own pace, with my own preferred method of
learning (audio/visual), combined with an online private group for hints, tips and
support from others in the group. Added bonus’ of being a member include
continuous industry discounts.

Graham Hurst

H Fitness

From someone new to the industry the ACA was fundamental in my
development. Learning how to build a business,and studying the phsycology
behind human behaviour helped me to understand my clients more, and avoid
the potential pitfalls which lay ahead. This course is a must for any PT, and I can
guarantee the business section alone will transform your business dramatically.

Sign up now, or it’s another day wasted.

Rikki Arnold

Rikki Arnold

I have known Phil for close to 20 year, meeting him at University. His tenacity,
passion and dedication to the industry radiated back then. When I was looking to
up skill my own knowledge I choose the ACA but why?

Having read numerous articles that Phil has written over the years packed with
excellent content (have a look for them, plus also check out his podcasts on
iTunes – all packed with outstanding informative information – FOR FREE). This
is only a fraction of what you get on the ACA. The content is outstanding and
Phil has catered for a myriad of learning styles. You can watch it, read it and
listen to it. I personally spend hours in the car each week and listen to the MP3
downloads, up skilling on the move. The content is informative, it really makes
you think and it is all referenced, if you desire to read supporting articles. If you
are serious about expanding your knowledge, building your business and
transferring it to your clients this course is a must. I cannot emphasise how good
the course content is.

Scott Simpson

Scott Simpson Personal Training

As a personal trainer with close to 5 years experience I have looked into and
invested in various resources for furthering my knowledge in that time but I can
honestly say with no exaggeration that I haven’t come across anything
anywhere near as comprehensive and cost effective as the ACA. I’m loving
every module and I am already seeing the benefits to my own knowledge base
and business as a whole. A must for anyone serious about having a career in
the fitness industry.

Huw Phillips

DHP Food and Fitness

Hi Phil. I’m not afraid to say that I am a 48 years old coach who works full time
elsewhere. Since I started the ACA I have seen my hobby turn into a business to
such an extent that I am now building my own private training facility in my

The business acumen and human behaviour and psychology sections are
absolutely priceless. My business has grown to such a level that I am now
leaving my job of 30 years to do this full time. I think Phil has made a ” mistake ”
with the pricing !!! I would encourage anyone with an interest in fitness or is
already a coach to sign up. I promise it could be life changing for you too

Keith Homan

The Fitness Lifestyle Coach

I can’t recommend the ACA highly enough, I’ve seen training courses out there
charging absolutely ridiculous money with poor quality content.

Billy Wills

Billy Wills Fitness

Since the course has been out it has helped me triple my sales and retention of
clients and have recommended the ACA to all colleagues and peers. It is a great
course for PTs coming straight out of their level 3 but also for PTs who have
been in the industry for a while. It is the best expense of mine since I started as
a PT.

Sean McGuiness

Livelong Performance

The ACA is the best course I have done in my 6 years in the industry. I have
done countless courses and spent more money than I can count on my

Tim Jensen-Williams

LT Fitness

Life being as it is 2016 has been tumultuous. Returning to my masters was not
possible, however the flexibility of the ACA; allowed us (my wife is doing too)
keep to our goal of continual education! Despite emigrating in the middle of the

If your thinking about studying the ACA…Stop thinking about it and DO IT!

The depth and level of knowledge Phil shares in the ACA far surpasses that
which is offered on most other platforms. And I’m truly loving the flexibility.
Interested to see what you off to ACA graduates!


Enhance Fitness

After 10 years in the industry and spending some time out the country. ACA
changed my outlook in the industry. I used to work extreme hours full time,
teach classes at every spare opportunity and had zero work / family balance. By
putting into action the learnings from ACA I have scaled down my working hours,
earn more money, have more free time to spend with family and friends. I feel
better mentally, physically and also financially. I have learned to value myself
more as a professional. I have invested in countless courses over the years and
can honestly say that ACA has been the best investment I have made not only
financially but from a mindset point of view.

Andrew Nolan

Andrew Nolan Personal Training

Having studied previously in sport science at degree level I hoped to then
pursue a career in personal training. Ultimately that career ended short as I was
unable to sustain a long term successful business and I had given up that

I joined the ACA initially just to learn a little bit and give me something to do in
my spare time. However it rekindled my love for training and the industry. It had
me begging questions about myself and my business to the point where I have
been able to look back and critique my own abilities from a coaching and
business perspective, giving me the confidence to be able to do it again
sucessfully. The quality Of content is unrivalled in anything currently available
today, the easy to understand format and progressively increasing difficulty
means it can be a great asset to any coach, even at high level without alienating
new-comers. I can’t recommend the course enough, as it does a far better job at
training and preparing coaches then the current personal training qualifications.

To all aspiring and current personal trainers, the ACA is definitely something
worth investing in.

Jonathan Kibble

Jonathan Kibble Personal Training

The ACA is by far the best way to educate you as a PT and coach. The course
you take to become a PT is far below sub par and can cost up to £3,500. A lot of
the content covered in these courses isn’t even related back to training a client
and has no industry experiences attached to it!

What Phil has done with the ACA is awesome! Not only does it cover the
business side of things (which most PT courses don’t and should); it also relates
all the nutrition/psychology/physiology components back to client level and is
backed by current science!

I mainly signed up for the business content as I hadn’t a clue how to run my PT
business. Most industry standard courses just show you how to take someone
into the gym and train them; not how to get clients and market yourself which is
paramount if you’re to get any client to train in the first place!

The nutrition, psychology and physiology content is just a bonus for me and I
have learned a lot from from those too!

Invest in your business and sign up to this course, you will not regret it! What
you get for £250 is worth so much more than the thousands of pounds you
spend on courses to become a PT!

Alexis Wilson

Enhanced Performance

Where do I even start? When the ACA was first announced I immediately knew
that I was going to buy it, there was not a doubt in my mind. I had been to a few
of Phil’s seminars and was just amazed at the content and learning experience
at each seminar.

Fastforward 9 months…I have never, ever (I’ve taken many, including a degree)
taken part in a course that offers the same quality and quantity of content with
such easy access at SUCH A LOW price as the ACA. Part of me wishes it was
more expensive so I could convince more people to do. I realise it seems to
good to be true when most course cost thousands….

For all of those new or stagnating PTs do yourself a favour and make an
investment that will, without a shadow of a doubt, increase your income and
more importantly make you value yourself more.

Thank you for the tremendous source of knowledge you have provided us all
with and I cannot wait for what you come up with next – it seems there is more in

Steve Neesham

Steve Neesham Personal Training

The ACA is quite possibly the best learning tool for any coach out there, new or
The amount of content and quality far exceeds the price that you pay.
Everything is taught in a clear and understandable manner and is elite

I cannot recommend this course enough.
Sign up now!

Ollie Jowett

Prestige Physique

As soon as I started Week 1 of the ACA, I knew I had got my money’s worth.
From the onset, you can see the time that is going into this course from Phil and
not only that but you get to share HIS passion and knowledge for the industry
and fitness through the multiples videos and written learning on each topic.

The ACA is in depth, and DOES require time to be allocated to be spent learning
and not just coasting through. In my opinion, the ACA is in a league of its own, in
terms of quality of work, quantity of work to learn from and just how much more
the ACA is helping me grow as a Personal Trainer, but also my business – and
actually learning to understand it!

To summarise, the ACA teaches you what your Level 3 Qualification doesn’t!
Sign up!